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Welcome at Living by Nature.

We will teach you how to survive and thrive with “native techniques” and pure natural materials. Our instructors each have years of experience in their own area of expertise. In everything we do we give you the experience of “living by nature”. Nature has everything to offer we need as human beings and we teach you to see what to use and when to use it. Things like which type of wood you use for making a bow-drill, what type of bark to build a “basket”, how to treat and manipulate a skin in to “rawhide” or “buckskin” and much more. You will apply the knowledge you’ve acquired directly in to practice. You will make your own gear and tools like a carrier and natural glue.

We offer a large variety of professional courses and workshops suitable for all ages, from one day to a full-year course we offer it all. Our stand alone courses all focus on their own specific subject or skill, in the full-year course all of these different skills and subjects will be treated. That’s the offer for everyone who is looking for some serious thorough deepening in to native skills and techniques.

Living by Nature is more than just bushcraft, we teach you how to use nature and all it has to offer so you can still feel at home in nature even without all the modern means. We would love to meet you at one of our courses and please feel free to call or sent an e-mail to ask the questions you might have.

Team Living by Nature