Living by Nature collaborates with several schools. We provide lessons on MBO and HBO education, within the green and outdoor sector. We take pupils in specific subjects such as making fire, working with various natural materials and knowledge of plants, trees and animals.
These can be both one-time lessons and instructions as well as a longer series of lessons and instructions.


Every year we offer a number of students the opportunity to do their internship at Living at Nature. In practice, pupils are introduced to an outdoor company and will be able to participate in various facets with the course weekends. It is even possible to complete a graduation study within Living by Nature.


Within the Netherlands there are several museums that bring history to life. Living by Nature deepens The Stone Age and the practical applicability of archaeological finds. We have partnerships with museums and with Neolithic projects.

Freelance Teaching

If you want to have a lesson on native skills within your training or course programme, we will gladly take care of it for you. We can also provide workshops on events or fairs. Also, if you want to host a workshop within your own program, we would like to look at the possibilities.

Frequently asked topics:

  • Lecture on leather Tanning (buckskin) and Vishuiden Tanning
  • Lesson/Instruction fish-hide Tanning
  • Lesson/instruction Fire, tondels and Fire arch
  • Lesson/instruction Usable nature
  • Lesson/instruction, rope of, bark, nettle, tendon, raw hide.

If you have a question or wish for a thematic instruction or course, please contact us for the possibilities.