Living by Nature’s Mission

In every era there are certain things that mankind takes for granted, these are things which makes our everyday lives as pleasant as possible or things that are necessary for our daily survival. The way we nowadays live is impossible to explain to someone from a far past such as the stone Age, explaining to a modern day man how they were living back in the stone Age is almost as difficult. Experience is the key to understanding. Therefore Living by Nature challenges you to get “back in the cave” with us and become acquainted with (which we nowadays call) the basal living conditions of ancient times.

We take you along with us back to our ancestors and to the way they lived comfortably with only the means of their own era available, from approximately 10.000 years ago until the present. We take you back into nature, teach you ancient crafts and teach you how achieve more and more with less gear and more knowledge. This way you will learn to trust yourself and therefore (your own) nature again.

During our year-long course we teach our students these crafts which we combine with basic wilderness skills and all other knowledge and skills necessary for being able to permanently stay in nature and thrive there. When you reach a certain level of knowledge everything comes together and starts to make sense, all of a sudden you are able to reason things you don’t knew you know and because of that you’ll be able to gain more knowledge on your own as well. This experience is literally something indescribable.

Our  Method

We at Living By Nature have developed our own method. Our activity’s  focus lays with long term, by that we mean a longer stay in nature . In the contrary of getting back in civilization as soon as possible, this is something which has more to do with survival instead of bushcraft and native skills. Not only do we focus on the necessary knowledge and skills but we also have attention for the psychological aspects which you will be confronted with and we take our time to learn about this and about working  together as a clan or a tribe .

It’s essential for us to stay with both feet on the ground, we stand for a worldly approach and way of doing what we do. We love the practical aspect of bushcraft, being able to make things by hand and how everything in nature has its own logical place. We also see an approach where people connect living close to or in nature with a certain level of spirituality, of course everyone is free to do as they please but this is not our approach. Since nature is neutral it’s not going to care for you if you don’t tune yourself on the right way and learn how to understand nature. It’s all about finding a balance in which you’re constantly aware of your surroundings. The more experienced you become in this, the easier it becomes to find your peace and be at ease.

Gaining knowledge on living by nature is as fun as it is instructive but do keep in mind that being ou there in the wilderness isn’t only romantically or positive.  We at Living By Nature know how hard some moments can be, sometimes you’re cold, hungry or you feel alone. We embrace these moments and let you experience how educational these moments are.

During our longer courses and expeditions we’ve noticed that people need some time outside before they are really ready to start learning. We are confident that this is caused by the fact that you develop a certain kind of ease while you’re out in nature, a state of mind, this is necessary if you want to learn to understand more than just the basics.

We enjoy the traditional and native crafts like buckskin tanning, flintknapping and felting. We love working with pure and natural materials and methods and we use them as much as possible. Most of all we love how all of these crafts combined become more than just the sum of their parts.

Living along side of nature for a longer period or even permanently is something way different then the “campinglike” style of bushcraft that a lot of people now a days fancy and practice. The difference between the first week outside and the period after that first week is immense, most people do enjoy that first week but after that they often are having a tough or difficult time . Our goal is to combine a tremendous amount of knowledge with great teaching skills so that we can learn you how to live in nature for a longer period or even permanently.